Henry Jesse Maddock


9th March 1831 - 18th July 1906






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Henry Jesse Maddock (1831 - 1906) was born in Payhembury, in County Devon, England. He was the ninth and youngest child of James Maddock and Jane Smith (married in 1811 at St Andrews Church in Clayhidon). In 1848 Henry was convicted of house-breaking and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment. In June 1850 he was convicted of stealing and sentenced to seven years' gaol and transportation to Australia.

Henry Maddock, Convict No 1813 arrived in Fremantle aboard the Pyrenees in 1853, was granted his ticket-of-leave and moved to the Newcastle (Toodyay) area. He married Mary Ann Allen in 1864 and they raised nine children. Within the family, Mary Ann was referred to as 'Granny Maddock'. This photo shows her outside her home in Newcastle Street.

Daughter Sarah Emily Maddock was born 23rd September 1873. She married Dave Watson, son of William Watson. Sarah Emily Maddock was Ross Watson's grandmother.

Ref: The Forgotten Years by Ross Watson



Mary Ann Maddock
(Granny Maddock)


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