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The Forgotten Years

The Watson Story

by Ross Watson

Ross first put pen to paper in the early 1980s to document his research into the mystery surrounding William Watson's arrival in Western Australia. Now, his book 'The Forgotten Years' is available for all to enjoy. The story starts with William Watson at the 'Old Bailey' in London, to County Galway in Ireland with the Coyne brothers, to the Maddock families in the village of Payhembury in Devon and then to Arthur Melbin in the streets of Liverpool. Ross tells the stories of these four great-grandfathers; stories about a new country across the other side of the world. Included are photographs detailing those forgotten years in the history of the early Swan River Colony.

'The Forgotten Years' was first published in 2004. As you can imagine - as soon as the book was in print we made new discoveries about this family. The research did not stop in 2004 - so many new stories have been documented - and indeed, many more details found about these families.


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** Reminder. This work is protected by copyright laws. ISBN 0-9751872-0-1
As a matter of courtesy when you are adding to your own research we ask that you acknowledge the work by Ross Watson and contact us if you have a connection to the families mentioned. We can send you a pdf version of the Contents chapter - and you will be able to ascertain if you have a connection to the families mentioned.

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The Forgotten Years


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