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The Watson family can be traced back to John and Ann Watson from Middlesex in London. Both John and Ann were born in Scotland, but the three children listed in the 1841 census - David, William and Catherine were born in England.






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The Family of John and Ann Watson

John Watson was born in 1791 in Scotland. Little else is known about John and Ann before they arrived in London.

Ann Watson (born 1791 in Scotland) Ann's maiden name hasn't yet been firmly established. However, we favour the name Ann Marlow. John Watson and Ann Marlow were married at St Giles, Cripplegate 14th March 1820. Recently (Oct 2007) we discovered the death details for Ann: died 26th Jan 1845, age 54 years, therefore born c1791. Living at 10 Whitecross Street, husband John - a silversmith. Cause of death - cancer in the tongue. Informant - A. Peck - present at the death at 10 Whitecross Street in Cripplegate. Whitecross Street is just around the corner from Milton Street. A Peck is formerly Ann Watson - another daughter.

The Children in the 1841 Census with John and Ann Watson

David Watson was probably born in 1823; he was older than William and was an apprenticed silversmith at the time of the 1841 census. In November 2007, we discovered that David died aged just 21 years in St Bartholomew's Hospital, West London on 11th September 1844; cause of death - erysipelas and delirium tremens. In an era without anitbiotics, this would have been a painful death. His occupation at the time was silversmith. The informant was another occupant at the hospital - I.T. Weston. David was also buried at St Giles Cripplegate - on 15th September 1844. In the burial record, his residence is given as Silk Street. This is another street not far from Milton Street in Cripplegate. A James Watson who was buried a year before David, aged 29 years, was also from Silk Street; he was also a silversmith and was living with his sister Ann in the 1841 census so it seems likely that James Watson is another child of John Watson.

William Watson was born early in 1826, and gave the parish of his birth as St Luke's. St Luke's is actually part of St Giles in Cripplegate. William Watson and James Caufield were convicted of breaking and entering in 1849 and stealing a clock. The transcript of their trial is now available online; see the search page at http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/forms/formMain.jsp or go directly to the transcript here. William was transported to Western Australia, arriving in Fremantle 1st May 1853 aboard the 'Pyrenees'. James Caufield was transported to Van Dieman's Land - Tasmania. In the transcript on the Old Bailey website the surname is written as CaNfield, rather than CaUfield because the 'U' in the handwritten document looked like 'N'. However, his name was Caufield, sometimes written as Caulfield.

Catherine Watson was the youngest in the family, born about 1832; she was born 'in the county' - ie in Middlesex, but the parish is not yet known. She had a very difficult life and was in and out of the workhouse for many years. In fact she died in Bow Workhouse 24th Oct 1899. Throughout the workhouse records her occupation was given as 'flower maker'. It seems like she had a daughter called Mary Ann Watson who was born c1853.




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