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1874 - 1st April 1952






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David Watson (1874 - 1952), the seventh child of William and Catherine Watson was born in Jennapullin in 1874. He married Sarah Emily Maddock on 6th July 1894 and farmed at 'Oak Hill' and 'Glen Roy'.

David and Sarah Emily raised a family of six sons and four daughters. The third son, Edwin William Watson was born on 15th March 1899. He was Ross Watson's father.

Dave Watson, grandfather of Ross Watson, died in Northam on 1st April 1952, aged 78 years. His wife, Sarah Emily died on 21st August 1956, aged 83 years. Both are buried in the Northam Cemetery.

Ref: The Forgotten Years by Ross Watson



David Watson and Sarah Emily Maddock at their farm 'Glen Roy' in 1934

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