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Descendants of William Watson, convict aboard the Pyrenees from London to Western Australia in 1853. Other families: Maddock from Devon, Coyne from Co Galway, McNamara from Co Waterford, Grady from Co Kerry and Melbin and Cosgrove from Liverpool.


Welcome to the Watson Family History site which introduces Ross and Joan Watson. Ross is the great-grandson of William Watson, a convict who arrived in Fremantle aboard the 'Pyrenees' on 1st May 1853.

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Read about the history of William Watson from 72 Milton Street, Middlesex, London. In 1849 he was convicted of stealing a clock.

Other members of the Ross Watson Family Tree include Henry Jesse Maddock from Payhembury in Devon, John Joseph Coyne from Clifden, Co Galway in Ireland and Arthur Melbin from Liverpool.

All four great-grandfathers were convicts. They made new lives for themselves and their families in Western Australia, particularly in the area around Jennapullin and Jennacubbine, just outside Northam.

The 'Ancestors' sidebar link opens the current database on the Watson Genealogy (TribalPages) website. Here you can follow the history of each of these families.

For a more detailed account of these families - you can read 'The Forgotten Years', by Ross Watson, first published in 2004.

The Forgotten Years

Ross first put pen to paper in the early 1980s to document his research into the mystery surrounding William Watson's arrival in Western Australia. Now, his book 'The Forgotten Years' is available for all to enjoy. From the 'Old Bailey' in London, to County Galway in Ireland, to the streets of Liverpool and then to the village of Payhembury in Devon, Ross tells the stories of the four great-grandfathers; stories about a new country across the other side of the world. Included are photographs detailing those forgotten years in the history of the early Swan River Colony.


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